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Get your geese to fly away with frequent hazing patrols from Geese Management Services.


About Our Service

In the State of Ohio you must be licensed to do any kind of goose control work.

We will come and look at your property, access your problem and offer solutions. We will bring trained Border Collies and other hazing methods to your property to chase the geese away. I work with the state to deal with aggressive geese and nesting problems. I can offer landscaping ideas to make your property less attractive to the geese.


Trusted by these local institutions:

We are proud to serve these local businesses and institutions. It has been our mission to keep our clients goose free for over 17 years.


Safe and Humane goose control methods that everyone can support

Our goose control techniques are approved by the USDA Wildlife Service and the US Fish & Wildlife service. They are also endoresed by the Humane Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This way you know that the birds we chase are treated ethically and humanely.

Properties We Service

We service a wide variety of properties in the Ohio area. Any property that experiences problems with Geese is an ideal candidate.Geese are most attracted to well landscaped bodies of water, and wide open green spaces for foraging.

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