About Us

Serving the greater Cincinnati
area for 17 years

Since 2001, Geese Management Services LLC has provided top quality goose control service to our customers in the metro Cincinnati. We use highly trained working dogs to effectively and humanely encourage geese to leave our customer's properties. We have an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and are licensed (and insured!) goose wildlife contractors through the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Our business has a close relationship with our local Claremont County Humane Society chapter.

All About Stan Custer

"I started my business in 2001 after being a welder for almost 25 years. I started with one Border Collie and a idea that turned into 8 Border Collies and a thriving business. I have always loved dogs and being outdoors so this is the perfect job for me. Helping businesses and private property owners with their goose problem is a great job. A lot of time I prefer to be around dogs instead of people."

Stan's work in the community

  • Meeting the Goose Crew

    A few young men get to meet the hardest working dogs in Ohio.
  • A lesson in wildlife

    Stan explains why its a bad idea to approach nesting geese.
  • How the dogs get the job done

    Stan tells the young men how geese react to the infamous border collie stare.
  • A group photo

    Stan and the young men snap a photo to mark the occasion

Serving the greater Cincinnati Area

Geese Management Services is located in Goshen, Ohio. But, we do our best to service clients all over the greater Cincinnati area. If you aren't sure if we are close enough to solve your goose problems, don't hesitate to reach out. If we can't reach you, I'll do my best to recommend you to a friend who can.

Make my geese fly away!