Our Dogs

The Goose Crew

For more than 12 years, Geese Management Services has been chasing the Canada Goose away! We have some of the best trained, well behaved goose dogs. Not only are we the best geese management company around, we have the greatest Goose Crew in the area!! The Goose Crew is a hard working, goal-driven team, perfecting the art of safely and HUMANELY chasing Canada Geese off your property. There is no goose that can resist Church, Pride, Maggie, Joe and Cross's famous STARE of the Border Collie! It is the stare that makes the geese uncomfortable.


Cross is a great dog. We picked him up New Year's day 2009. Cross and Pride are brother and sister from the same litter. Both dogs were competition sheepdogs when we got them and are turning into the best goose dogs around.


Pride came on board in March 2008. She hit the ground running and hasn't stopped! In fact, she also chases in the water. Being our best swimmer, she will dive in after the geese no matter what the temperature outside. You will see her sporting the life jacket in the cold months.


Maggie is a tricolor Border Collie with a heart of gold and the desire to please. She works the shoreline harassing the geese and love to chase them into the water.


Church is the hardest working member of the team. He can work the geese on shore, and then go after them in the water. There is no escape for the geese on land or in the water when Church is on the job! He will not quit!


Joe is the newest member of the Goose Crew. He is a very hard worker whether the geese are on land or in the water. Joe will keep after the geese until they are gone.


Scott was born in the Netherlands and trained in Ireland. He has been in the US for a little over a year. Scott is also our breeding stud. As of May 2017 he's only had one litter but working on 2 more. He's a lover boy!

Photos from the front lines!

  • Joe, Oz, and Scott

    Joe, Oz, and Scott enjoying a bit of relaxation before getting to work.
  • A tactical maneuver

    After some hard work, our team has their birds cornered!
  • Maggie and Church

    Two of our top swimmers on the chase!
  • Pride swimming

    Our swim champ is in hot pursuit!
  • Maggie ready to jump in

    Maggie's asking permission to get started on the day's work
  • A quick exit!

    Roy chasing a bird off of a golf course.
  • Maggie the motor boat

    Maggie swimming hard after birds.
Make my geese fly away!